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24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Austin, TX

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Water is not forgiving and any delays can be even more costly. Chrome offers the experience needed to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

24/7 Emergency Restoration

At Chrome, we understand that water damage is never convenient, that’s why our emergency restoration team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Help With Insurance

Chrome Water Damage Experts have built up a reputation by working with your insurance to make sure you get fairly and accurately compensated.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Chrome Water Damage Experts are available 24/7 for all of your water damage restoration needs. Our certified technicians are ready at the drop of a hat to come to your property and give you a free, professional quality, water damage inspection. From this inspection we can identify any remaining safety hazards, as well as build an accurate estimate for cost and timeline of the needed restoration. Call Chrome today to get your inspection.

After the inspection is completed, and the scope of work has been agreed upon, we will begin the water extraction phase. Our industry leading, truck mounted, water extraction equipment will get any standing water out of your house. Using our advanced equipment allows us to extract a large amount of water in a short time, enabling us to reduce irreversible water damage to your property. This reduction in damage results in a shorter and lest costly restoration process.

Once all the standing water has been removed from your property, Chrome Water Damage Experts will begin to identify which materials have been damaged by the water. Depending on what caused the water damage, be it flood or leaky faucet, our team will safely and strategically remove all the overly saturated and damaged materials. This step gives us a clearer look at the extent of the water damage and allows us to stop any mold from growing.

After we have removed all of the overly saturated and irreversibly damaged materials from your property, there is still a significant amount of moisture left to deal with. To ensure no more damage is done to your property, we utilize our professional-grade drying equipment, placing it throughout your home or business to return every material to their standard dryness. We will determine this through the use of moisture meters, which allow us to give accurate estimates on how long your property will take to dry. When needed, we also offer specialized drying rooms for more sensitive materials such as exotic rugs.

Groundwater can rank high in levels of bacteria. Floodwater is considered Category 3 water. This means that depending on the source of your water damage, your property may need some level of decontamination. For example, floodwater is unsanitary and rife with bacteria and other unsafe contaminants. In these scenarios, Chrome will clean your property using strong sanitizing agents to help reduce the negative health effects of any floodwater.

Chrome Water Damage Experts give you the information you need to file a successful insurance claim. an itemized list of repairs you need and an idea of how much the repair costs. This can be helpful if your insurance adjuster is delayed due to the volume of claims in the area. Having the documentation means you may not have to wait for the adjuster to arrive to start the restoration process.

Identifying All Water Damage

Chrome Water Damage Experts utilizes the best technology combined with our experience to locate all affected areas of your home or business from the water. One of our effective methods for tracking and finding all the water is a non-penetrating moisture device, we also use thermal imaging cameras as well. After we locate all affected areas we can properly develop a plan for the drying and restoration process to begin.

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We Help With Insurance Claims

Chrome Water Damage Experts has three decades of experience navigating water damage insurance claims. We utilize proper documentation and billing software to make sure that every step of the restoration process is clear and concise for all parties to review.

We know that dealing with water damage is a stressful, so we prioritize making your interactions with the insurance company easy. Maintaining precise documentation will help ensure that you receive appropriate coverage on time.