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The Water Damage Restoration Process In Georgetown, TX

Chrome Water Damage Experts is your local, Georgetown, restoration company, available 24/7 for all of your water damage restoration needs. Our technicians are nationally certified and well versed in the nuances of Williamson County, ready to provide a comprehensive water damage inspection whenever you need us. From this inspection our water damage experts will identify safety hazards and evaluate the extent of the damage. Call Chrome the instant you notice water damage on your property to receive a free and accurate inspection.

Once your Georgetown home or business has been inspected and you’ve been agreed to our restoration plan, we can start extracting water from your property. Our water extraction team will remove the water from your home or business with the use of industrial truck-mounted vacuums and submersible pumps. Water extraction is a crucial first step and must be done very quickly to prevent any major destruction. Even a small amount of water damage can put your property at risk. A significant amount of water damage can threaten the integrity of the structure.

Removing the water from your property allows the Chrome Water Damage Experts to begin assessing the extent of the water damage. Our team will work diligently to safely remove any highly saturated or damaged materials, effectively stopping the water damage in its tracks. This phase of the restoration process is key for minimizing excess damage and stopping any mold from taking hold.

Removing all the damaged materials is a big step towards minimizing extra water damage to your property, but to compete the process, we utilize our industrial strength drying equipment. One major benefit of hiring a local restoration company is that we have all of our equipment stored just minutes away, allowing us to speed up the drying process and therefore minimize the overall cost of the restoration project, and decrease the amount of water damage your property experiences.

When flooding in Georgetown, TX, disrupts the drinking water supply or covers plumbing fixtures, the dirty water can get back into the home plumbing. When sewage backs up, it can also contaminate structures. After floodwaters enter a property, it’s necessary to have proper water removal and sewage water contamination. Chrome Water Damage Experts will use a combination of disinfectant solutions to ensure that your property is safe and free of toxic or disease riddled contamination.

Chrome has over 3 decades in the water damage restoration industry, helping countless families and business owners throughout Williamson County and beyond. Over the years, we’ve developed a process that keeps all expenses, losses, and services documented for easy and accurate reference. This documentation is created to offer a level of clarity for the home or business owner, as well as streamline the insurance process.

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Chrome Water Damage Experts is your local water damage restoration company, dedicated to serving Georgetown and the surrounding areas when disaster strikes. Our friendly team of IICRC certified, and highly trained, technicians are available any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year, to make sure that you are taken care of when you need it the most.

Our priority is to provide you with fast, comprehensive, and transparent service when your home or business has experienced any level of water damage. This standard has been kept throughout our service over the last 3 decades. As a result, Chrome boasts a 5 star rating on Google, along with an A+ rating from the BBB. 

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Water is not forgiving and any delays can be even more costly. Chrome offers the experience needed to provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. 

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Chrome Water Damage Experts is your local, Georgetown based, water damage and restoration company, here 24/7 to help you with all of your restoration needs.

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At Chrome, we understand that water damage is never convenient, that’s why our emergency restoration team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.